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The KEY to More Landscaping Business

You NEED Google Ranking Results

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Lawn care marketing as it has been

done in the past is DEAD.

A lot of home owners will tell you that lawn care sucks! If you are starting a lawn mowing service you should understand that lawn care business has changed. In order to get more sales you need to plan to bring your lawn care marketing strategies into line with the digital age. Yellow pages? They are the new door stops and fire starters. Lawn care flyers? Door hangers? Street trash. 2016 is the digital age.

Think about it. If someone wants to hire a lawn care business, like a landscaper, what do they do? They pull out their smart phone and go search on Google. If a business woman is stuck in traffic and remembers that she is dissatisfied with her lawn care company, does she wait until she gets home and look up contractors in the phone book? No, she pulls out her Ipad and searches from her car. This is where your customers live in 2016, online. And you need to more customers if your lawn business is going to survive.

How to Get More Business from Your Landscape Marketing

When you are starting your grounds maintenance service just having a website is not enough. Potential customers have to be able to find it, and that means you need to rank in the search engines. Sure, you can use “pay per click”, those ads you see above and on the side of search pages, but it can get expensive. You can easily spend the cost of a new zero turn mower per year on your campaign. Also up to 35% of all the clicks you pay for may be fraudulent.

And these days, Google, Bing + Yahoo are not the only ways new customers can find you. Social media sites like Facebook are not just a place to hang out and watch the newest cat videos. They are integral parts of your business plan.

You could hire an SEO company to rank your landscape business for you, but at $100 per hour or more, that is pricey as well. That means that you need to find a way to get your website on the first page of Google. Lucky for you, you found us because we know how to do that, and we can show you how to do that. We will give you the tools and the strategy to develop a lawn service marketing plan. Get your lawn maintenance advertising is shape for the new year. Before you buy that new zero turn mower, back pack blower and edger, you need clients yards to use them on. The fastest way to get more customers is through your website.

5 Advertising Strategies to Get More Landscaping Customers Online

The lawn care industry is known for being fiercely competitive. Establishing your presence online is a good first step. But the problem is, several other companies in your niche have already done the same thing. You have to find ways on how to claim the top spot in the search results pages to increase the visibility of your website. But you must not ignore other online avenues through which you can generate new leads. The following are some tips to help you get more lawn customers online.

1. Create content that makes a difference.

By now, you probably have a landscape website up and running. But if it only contains basic information about your business such as what services you offer and where customers can reach you, it might not prove to be too useful. What you want to do is set your website apart from the competition. Don’t simply talk about your offers; there’s a good chance your online visitors already know what kind of services they can expect from your company.

Your content must focus on the reasons why customers should choose your company over the others in the field. What edge do you have over the competition? Do you use the latest and most innovative equipment? Are your employees highly skilled and trained professionals? Do you offer other services in addition to lawn mowing such as sprinkler repair and landscape lighting? All this information can compel potential clients to choose your business.

2. Engage in social media.

Did you know that consumers are more likely to do business with brands that have a presence in both search engines and social media? You read that right: search engine optimization is important in generating leads, but don’t forget the power of social media marketing. Sure, lawn care isn’t the most exciting topic in the world, so don’t expect to get millions of Facebook likes and shares. But the most important thing is to engage with your customers. Update all your social media profiles regularly, including YouTube videos, and be sure to respond to all the comments and messages you receive. This shows that you genuinely care about your client base and that you’re not just after their wallet.

3. Build an email list.

Email marketing is dead. That’s what people who don’t know anything about email marketing say. Building a mailing list and sending out regular newsletters is still an effective way of communicating with your customers and promoting your business. Remember that they subscribed to your list for a reason. You want to return the favor by delivering original and valuable content. In most cases, the people in your mailing list are your existing clients, so this is an excellent opportunity to get up sells like Christmas lighting.

4. Gather positive reviews.

Nearly all of potential lawn care customers will look for reviews about your company and the services you offer. It’s imperative that you know how your online reputation looks like from the perspective of customers. Check what your customers are saying regarding your business in places like Yelp and Angie’s List. In case you come across negative reviews, respond to them honestly. This shows a great amount of professionalism and commitment, building credibility in the eyes of potential leads. If you have some great reviews, take screenshots and place the images on your page under a header like: What Our Customers Say about Us

5. Learn from customer feedback.

Never ignore the feedback you receive from your customers. Take them as an opportunity to hone your craft and deliver better landscaping services in the future. Responding to both positive and negative feedback shows that you care about your clients, and this is important if you want to build a lasting relationship with them.

Even if the landscape business is frustratingly crowded, you can still stay ahead of the pack by following the tips mentioned above. Consistency is key here. By delivering useful content, communicating through social media, and improving your online reputation, you can surely get more lawn care customers and be the go-to source in your city.




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  1. I am in the process of starting a new business I have about 15 clients at this moment and would like to learn more marketing techniques.

  2. I would like to know how to get more customers in lawn name is Palmer I have 3 in half years in lawn care/landscaping and I’m 21 and take pride at what I do .if u can give me advice I would appreciate it alot thanks.

  3. Really interesting stuff you are doing here. My readers would enjoy some of this! I may have to do a post on my site about it 🙂

    I have a site about starting, marketing and growing a lawn care business.

    Keep up the great work!

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